Your local ÖH performs a variety of different tasks: They will be the ones to guide and advise you directly during your studies. The Students’ Union represents your concerns before the university, university of applied sciences (FH), university college of teacher education (PH) or private university (PU) at which you study. The ÖH negotiates with the university rectorate and appoints a representative to the highest body of the university, the senate. In the senate, the ÖH participates in designing university policies and processes such as the curricula.

A variety of groups/parties field lists in the elections at this level. Depending on election results, a certain number of representatives (7-27 seats, depending on the institutions’ size) are appointed to the University’s Students’ Union and to the various bodies of the institution (senate, university of applied sciences faculty board etc.).

Your institution’s Students’ Union consists of the elected representatives of the respective lists and is the highest body in which students have the right to participate at their local institution.

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Caution: The Austrian Students’ Union elections at institution level are electoral list elections. That means that you can cast your vote for a party/group’s list. The election results define how many representatives from the lists fielded by the groups/parties are appointed to your institution’s Students’ Union. The institution’s Students’ Union consists of between 7 and 27 seats, depending on student enrolment at your respective institution.

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