The Federal Austrian Students’ Union is the representative body established by law of all students to the national political level. The federal ÖH carries out active representative duties in working groups of the ministry of education.

The Federal Austrian Students’ Union represents the students’ interests before the ministries, conference of institutions of higher education, conference of universities of applied sciences, rectors’ conference of university colleges of teacher education, conference of Austrian private universities as well as before the university conference. The federal ÖH is an active participant in shaping the policies of all national institutions of higher education.

You can elect one of the running groups/parties by voting for their electoral list. The 55 seats in the National Student Assembly are distributed according to the proportion of received votes. The choice of candidates is uniform throughout Austria. Even if you study at more than one institution, you can only vote once at the federal level.

The National Assembly of the Federal Austrian Students’ Union currently consists of 14 representatives of the “Verband Sozialistischer Student_innen (VSSTÖ)“, 12 representatives of the “Grünen und Alternativen Student_innen (GRAS)“, 12 representatives from the “AktionsGemeinschaft (AG)“, 6 representatives of the “JUNOS”, 6 representatives of the “FLÖ”, 2 representatives of the “KSV“, 2 representatives of the “KSV-LiLi“, and one representative of the “Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten (RFS)”. The Federal Austrian Students’ Union Assembly convenes twice per semester, providing the opportunity to discuss students’ matters at the highest level of the ÖH.